All Media Buying Services

All-Media Buying Services

So, you’re looking for an advertising agency or media buying company to place media buys for any or all media, whether: traditional media, digital media and or programmatic.

For over twenty-five years, The Rockford Group’s media buying services have been delivering effective, efficient, budget-conscious media plans for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, print, and outdoor advertising. And, for the past 12 years we’ve morphed into a digital media powerhouse delivering programmatic media buying to place your: TV commercials (OTT), web commercials, video content, and graphic ads on Facebook, YouTube, plus 100,000’s of other app-based programmatic outlets. Using our “Practical Business” approach, we develop budget-sensitive, efficient media plans and schedules for the legal, financial, medical, automotive, and retail sectors. Our media plans and schedules are designed to deliver more of your target audience while saving you money. 

We are aggressive negotiators that have placed almost $100,000,000 in media and have extensive experience working with budgets as low as $10,000 to over $5,000,000 a year. 

So, for a free no-obligation consultation & to learn about how The Rockford Group’s robust media buying services can produce remarkable results for your business, just click this link.