Programmatic Advertising Services

Programmatic Advertising

So, you wish to or are already advertising on the web. You might have video content or standard “TV” commercials. Alternatively, you may want to place simple graphic ads or more dynamic slide-show ads. You want these ads targeted accurately. After all, why waste money reaching the wrong audience? Why limit your messages’ reach to one, or a couple of expensive websites, when you can broaden your placement to include more appropriate environments and less expensive outlets all across the web? Rockford’s best in class methods can finetune the delivery of your message to those most likely interested in or are already in-market and actively searching for the products or services you (and your competitors) offer.

Using a preferred Demand Side Platform (DSP), The Rockford Group’s programmatic buying services team will place your programmatic ads and content all across the web in: search engines like Google, Bing, etc., content providers, digital publications, social media websites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), apps and more, with unparalleled target-audience accuracy!

Want to advertise using a “TV” commercial or other video content? With programmatic advertising you can save a lot of money because instead of paying a TV station or a Cable TV system based on a ratings, your budget is determined by the number of impressions or interactions your ad receives. This means you can selectively distribute your “TV commercial” all over the web, instead of having to spend a small fortune on a single broadcast airing of a commercial.

Geo-Fencing: Want to capture more prospects or customers that visit your competitors? Let Rockford drop a Geo-Fence (an invisible perimeter electronically drawn around your competitors’ physical locations). Then, when someone enters the “fenced in” office, store, facility, or showroom, we begin serving ads containing trigger issues (price point, more experience, better service, more selection, etc.) and a motivational call to action. These ads are served directly to their phone and are designed to entice them to include you on their shortlist. We then track them until they walk through your doors! To learn more about Geo-fencing - click this link.

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