Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

FYI, just to illustrate what goes into the development of SEO content, the copy below is written as a sample of “optimized” SEO copywriting. So if our phrasing seems a little funky, it’s because we are writing for best SEO, not a Pulitzer :-) To illustrate this best, all of the green text indicates that those words are all highly ranked SEO search terms, that people like yourself use to find SEO services. 

So, you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from a talented and experienced SEO team that can place your business’ website at “first position” on page one of an organic search on Google or Bing. Well, here’s a secret, everyone is! Moreover, almost every SEO company or SEO agency will claim to be able to do it. 

But here’s where it gets confusing. Sure, just about anyone can improve your SE ranking (search engine ranking) and even get you to position one on page one. However, once you dive a little deeper, you’ll find that their broad claim might be an exaggeration. For instance, they might be including some obscure or even worthless market or search-term in their results. The real challenge is having the resources and knowhow to help you determine where you want to rank highly, determine which search terms will be most productive and profitable for you, execute based on what the analysis shows to be the most valuable and practical for the geography(s) in which you want to be found. Focusing on small business SEO and medium-sized business SEO, The Rockford Group has the experienced and talented professionals you expect from a “best SEO company” along with the resources to do it correctly.

To optimize your organic search performance, we execute an SEO audit. (1)This starts with a site audit to learn the status of your current SEO rankings. (2)Then, using proven SEO tools, and following best Google SEO practices, we evaluate your website’s SEO content and SEO copywriting. (3)This leads us to a competitive analysis that will reveal what your competitors are doing better than you and qualify and quantify your value offer as compared to theirs. (4)Next, through rigorous research, we define the appropriate audiences and match them with the corresponding SEO keywords and search terms thought to have the greatest potential to deliver more sales, requests for information, or direct contact. 

We don’t just want to improve the SEO rankings of your website; our goal is to provide the best experience and value too. And so, we’ll employ the best SEO practices, including the development of • back-links • site speed /page load time recommendations • optimized meta tags • search and social media listings, and much more. We specialize in:

Medical SEO Dental SEO

Legal • Lawyer •  
Attorney SEO

Financial Services 

Services SEO

Local SEO
State-wide SEO Reginal SEO National SEO

So, to learn more about how The Rockford Group’s powerful SEO strategies can produce awesome results for your business , just click this link for a free no-obligation consultation.