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It's more than a buy... it's a plan... driven by analysis!

Most agencies can buy media, but most don’t do it like The Rockford Group. Of course we negotiate aggressively, but that’s just the beginning. Getting a client the most for their budget starts with getting the best rate, but the real value comes from thoughtful, algorithm driven planning. The biggest trap advertisers fall into is buying too much of something because it was a great rate. To truly save money you need much more than a great rate…what you really need is a great plan. We don’t rely on the media to provide analysis…we do it ourselves. The media doesn’t build the plan…we do. And we are one of the few agencies that have the in-house capability to do a combined media delivery analysis. That means not only do you get an analysis of a proposed TV buy, and a projection of a multi-station radio buy; we can provide our clients with a multi-media analysis, so you know what your combined media delivers. We can even add billboards and publications to the mix. With a Rockford Group plan, you don’t over allocate in one media and under allocate in another. You see the whole picture in one efficient-results oriented-money saving... glance.

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